What does your hair follicle have to say about you?

A hair follicle analysis reveals significant indicators of your health and wellness. Knowing what’s happening on the inside of your body can provide valuable insight on external health symptoms. Epigenetic mapping provides an assessment of your health on a cellular level, and with just a few strands of your hair provides a personal and detailed report on important markers about your nutrition, parasites and viruses, environmental toxins and other health factors that can seriously impact your immune system.

Your hair carries important bio-markers

Epigenetic mapping reveals how your genes are influenced by your environment. Through this hair follicle analysis you can find out how well your body is absorbing nutrients, which supplements your body needs, and which vitamins and minerals your body is already absorbing through your current diet. Shelley LaCharité provides a detailed map of your personal epigenetic indicators, documenting how your body is affected by a range of factors including:



Parasites & Viruses


Fatty Acids EFA

EMF (Electric Magnetic Frequencies)


The Report

Your 90 Day Optimize Wellness Nutritional Report

Although the epigenetic mapping technology has been available in several other countries, it is only recently available in Canada. Health is Wealth now makes this non-invasive hair analysis available to Canadians.