90-Day Specialists
Optimize Liver Immunity & Wellbeing Plan

A 38 Page Analysis of Environmental Factors
Based on Personal Epigenetics from Hair Follicles

This wellness report offers a tailored 90-day plan aimed at boosting liver immunity and overall wellbeing through epigenetic indicators.

Liver immunity refers to the liver's ability to fight infections and toxins, crucial for overall health. Epigenetic indicators are biological markers that reflect how lifestyle and environment can affect gene expression, impacting health. The report focuses on these key areas:

  • Dietary guidelines to enhance liver function.
  • Environmental and additive exposure reduction.
  • Improving nutrient absorption.
  • Enhancing hydration quality.
  • Adjusting intake of specific nutrients based on priority and advisory nutritional indicators.

The approach emphasizes adjusting these aspects every 90 days to maintain optimal health, based on individual epigenetic profiles.


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Each personal report covers over 800 influences including:

12 Key Optimization Indicators

System support indicators

Cardio support indicators

Gut & Intestinal Support Indicators

Liver Support Indicators

Resistance indicators

Environment indicators

Food's & addictive restrictions

Food to eat

Each of the epigenetic indicators in the report will prioritize the relevance of these findings, ranging from Very High Relevance (Priority), High Relevance (Advisory), Moderate Relevance (Consideration), to Normal Relevancy (Normal).

The report also lays out a 90 day plan to show you can improve your health. Typically it takes 90 days for cell renewal to occur. You'll see which foods you should be eating, which to avoid, recommended supplements and environmental changes that will benefit your body on a cellular level. The documentation can also provide valuable information to share with your primary caregiver.

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