60 Day Optimize Vegan Immunity and Wellbeing Report

A Detailed Analysis of Environmental Factors from a Vegan Perspective, Based on Personal Epigenetics from Hair Follicles

Now there's epigenetic mapping for those living a vegan lifestyle.

The new Vegan - Immune and wellbeing report is reliant on a 60 day food plan. This is because the metabolic rate of a Vegan is higher. Food variations at 60 days, are also preferred for plant based diets rather than existing 90 day report programs.

Although the epigenetic mapping technology has been available in several other countries, it is only recently available in Canada.

Health is Wealth now makes this non-invasive hair analysis available to Canadians. The report is available the same day your hair sample is received. Using a device called the Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis Profiler, the bio-markers of your hair are recorded as digital data and are sent via a secure server to the Cell Wellbeing lab in Hamburg, Germany. Within 15 minutes, Health is Wealth provides you with a comprehensive, easy to understand report.


Each personal report is divided into 11 epigenetic indicators that cover over 800 influences including:

Immune System

Gut Health


(15 most common)


(16 every day minerals)

Essential Fatty Acids

(Omega 3, 6 & 9)

Amino Acids

(All 23 amino acids)


(23 major groups)


(115 food restrictions & food additives)

Frequency Interference

(Electrical home and work influences)

Environmental Challenges

(Cleansing foods to support)

Resistance Indicators

(Resistance foods to support)

Each of the epigenetic indicators in the report will prioritize the relevance of these findings, ranging from Very High Relevance (Priority), High Relevance (Advisory), Moderate Relevance (Consideration), to Normal Relevancy (Normal).

The report also lays out a 90 day plan to show you can improve your health. Typically it takes 90 days for cell renewal to occur. You'll see which foods you should be eating, which to avoid, recommended supplements and environmental changes that will benefit your body on a cellular level. The documentation can also provide valuable information to share with your primary caregiver.

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