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Get your hair follicle analysis today to find out what your body has been trying to tell you! Epigenetic mapping through hair analysis provides a detailed assessment of important bio-markers including nutrition, parasites and viruses, environmental toxins and other factors that impact your health.

Available Reports to Choose From:

Hair Follicle Analysis + Bound Paper Report


This option includes all of the information included in the digital version of the hair follicle analysis report, but is presented in a bound printed booklet format. A convenient way to reference your report findings as you make changes to better health.

Initial Report Printed + 90 Day Follow Up Report


Typically it takes 90 days for cell renewal to occur. A 90 Day Follow Up hair follicle analyis report includes a copy of your initial epigenetic markers and documents results after 90 days of implementing the recommended diet and supplemental changes.

Chakras Balancing


Take some time for yourself. A 1-hour session to balance the chakras and clear the energy fields will result in feelings of deep relaxation. Relieving stress brings important health benefits that can improve digestion, and lower cortisol levels in the body.

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