Health is Wealth - About Shelley LaCharité

Most people who know me know the personal health struggles that I’ve had living with a compromised immune system.

I’ve spent years trying to understand the root of my own health issues. Seeking answers to my own health issues led me to discover and appreciate an holistic approach to healing including the benefits of yoga, acupuncture, and colonics. I have my Registered Holistic Nutritionist Certification as well as a Holistic Culinary Certificate, third level certification in Healing Touch, and second level certification for Reiki, so my approach to helping myself and others is through the lens of balancing the chakras and energy field, enhancing relaxation to promote healing.

Through the discovery of Cell Wellbeing technology, I gained valuable insights about my own health and experienced the benefits of knowing exactly what my body needed. I am very passionate about sharing this wealth of information with others, so I now offer this hair analysis as a practitioner through Health is Wealth. I believe that good health really is the true measure of our personal wealth, and it’s a privilege to offer reliable resources to my clients so that they can each find their own path to wellness.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Culinary Certificate, Healing Touch Level 3, Reiki Level 2

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