Youthful Cells Report

Discover how to live younger longer, with a personalized Youthful Cells program

Epigenetic mapping technology has only recently become available in Canada - use it to discover your path to more youthful cells!

Health is Wealth now makes this non-invasive hair analysis available to Canadians. Anti-Aging, skin and beauty rely on the maintenance and development of 'Youthful Cells', as beauty and wellness is rejuvenated and maintained from the inside out. Our Aging Processes are materialized by the food and liquids we consume, combined with the life styles we lead. Revitalize yourself by discovering how to live younger longer, with a personalized Youthful Cells program.


Each personal report will help you understand how diet supports and maintains:

Better Resistance

Sleep Patterns


Optimum Weight and Shape


Energy Production

Each of the epigenetic indicators in the report will prioritize the relevance of these findings, ranging from Very High Relevance (Priority), High Relevance (Advisory), Moderate Relevance (Consideration), to Normal Relevancy (Normal).

The report also lays out a 90 day plan to show you can improve your health. Typically it takes 90 days for cell renewal to occur. You'll see which foods you should be eating, which to avoid, recommended supplements and environmental changes that will benefit your body on a cellular level. The documentation can also provide valuable information to share with your primary caregiver.

Optimum wellness IS within your reach. Book your appointment today.