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At last I have found someone who has the knowledge and technology to determine the causes of health issues. All this time I thought I had a sensitive stomach due to having a number of bouts of food poisoning as it turns out it’s eating the wrong foods and a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. I am finally able to understand the causes of my problems, I have improved my diet and take the recommended supplements. I feel great and my sleep has improved.

J. Martin, Nanaimo

I was completely blown away by the depth of my report! It was able to pick up on propane in my DNA from using our camping stove! I cut out the recommended food items... feel way more energetic and have no bloating, gas or bags under my eyes anymore. After taking a few of the recommended supplements my energy levels are constantly improving and my mental focus is better then ever! What really blew me away with this report is how you could literally see every area of your body and how it is doing, minerals vitamins, hormones.. for an in depth report personalized to your body and a plan to bring it back to amazing health this is something I would recommend for everyone!

E. Cordery, Nanaimo

I want to thank Shelley for introducing me to The Cell-Wellbeing 90-day Optimize Wellness Report. It gave me insight and direction to questions I never thought to ask or inquire about. The reports directions were clear and incredibly accurate for me. Easy to follow and so quick. I have yet to do a follow up to see what changes have happened in my cells. Following the reports directions have made me feel Better. I look forward to my next report.

C. Stoll, Nanaimo

I was introduced to Shelley by a health-care practitioner to check out the cell-wellbeing. While managing the dispensary at Cline Medical for 18 ½ years I found out that the patients who had a hair analysis done for heavy metal toxicity was not the most accurate way, so when I saw that cell-wellbeing took a couple of hair follicles for this testing I was a little apprehensive. BUT, when the report was printed boy was I convinced that Shelley knew what she was doing. The report is very impressive. It will give suggestions for supplements and food for your specific issues. My report under the environmental challenge indicators showed up big and red for radiation. WHAT??? It was absolutely correct because just 2 days previously I had a CT scan done on my sinuses. The report gave me suggestions for supplements and food to help me dispose of the radiation. I have suggested Shelley and her cell-wellbeing program to some of my clients. I’ll be going back for the 90 day reports.

M. Ross, Nanaimo

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