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3 Ways to Kickstart Your Immune System and Save!


Hello – my name is Shelley LaCharité and three years ago I began a journey of self-discovery to improve my health - physical, mental and emotional. I started a company and work with clients to produce Immunity & Wellbeing Reports. I also obtained my Holistic Nutritional Consultant designation. Since I was already offering clients Healing Touch and Reiki, combining all of these allowed me to not only help myself, but created an amazing opportunity to help others, something I am passionate about. Do you know what affects your immune system and how to increase your sense of wellbeing? My program will “kickstart” you to a better quality of life and can help anyone.

Optimize Immunity & Wellbeing Reports

  • Initial Report
    (reg. $175)

  • 90-Day Follow-up Report
    (reg. $175)


(Save $25)

Accountability Program

  • Initial Optimize Immunity & Wellbeing Report
    (reg. $175)

  • 90-Day Follow-up Report
    (reg. $175)

  • Coaching - 4 one-hour sessions
    (reg. $300)


(Save $50)

The 90-Day Immunity & Wellbeing Program

  • Initial Optimize Immunity & Wellbeing Report
    (reg. $175)

  • 90-Day Follow-up Report
    (reg. $175)

  • Black Oxygen Organics Fluvic Minerals
    – 3 Months Supply
    (reg. $360)

  • Coaching - 8 one-hour sessions
    (reg. $600)

  • Bonus! 60-minute Energy Balancing "Healing Touch" Session
    (reg. $60)


(Save $110)

"I highly recommend Cell Wellbeing/Optimize Wellness Plan to anyone that is curious about their health and about where they are lacking nutritionally. I have learnt so much about the Nutritional plan and what my body needs. Health really is Wealth. Shelley was very helpful, and spent the extra time to go over all 34 pages for my report. It was well worth every penny. I’ve made a couple changes to my diet and added some vitamins supplements that was recommended and I’ve never felt better."

- Lori Helem, Nanaimo


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